Child Nutrition / COVID-19

The Region 17 ESC Building is currently closed due to COVID-19, however we are working remotely with access to phones and emails. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions during this time. We are here for you!

Reminders for Completing SSO/SFSP Applications for COVID-19 Related Closures

  • Submit the intake form (found HERE)
  • Add "CV" in front of the site(s) that will be operating during closure
  • Check dates of operation and dates of serving for accuracy (can be amended as needed if closure is extended)
  • Check status of application (if returned - see why) (if not submitted, submit)
  • Ensure application matches what is being advertised - sites, times, dates, days of the week, etc. 
  • If your district is eligible for Severe Need Breakfast, ensure information is complete
  • Be sure to complete and submit SSO or SFSP applications as soon as possible



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Districts in Region 17 have served children over 147,000 meals in the first three weeks of COVID-19 school closures!

If you have any questions or need assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.


Tricia Hays

Coordinator, Child Nutrition and Purchasing
Child Nutrition Specialist, NSLP/SBP & SSO


Karen Chapman

Child Nutrition Specialist, NSLP/SBP & SSO


Katherine Artho

Child Nutrition Specialist, NSLP/SBP & SSO

Tarrah Moreno

Child Nutrition Specialist, CACFP & SFSP

Hannah Harrison

Child Nutrition & Purchasing Specialist