What is MAPSS?

Mapping A Pathway to Student Success (MAPSS) is a valuable tool for campuses preparing to engage in school improvement initiatives, for principals and superintendents new to the district, and for any program or grant that requires a comprehensive needs assessment.

MAPSS is a data-driven process which provides school districts and campuses with a comprehensive, objective analysis of the current state of the school and its ability to meet the needs of the students it serves.

An accurate assessment of the “truth of the current reality” can be difficult to obtain. However, choosing a focus for improvement efforts is dependent upon a complete and accurate assessment of the current condition of the school. How well do the programs and interventions serve the students for whom they are designed? How do the current beliefs and values affect student achievement? What processes effectively serve or inadvertently impede the school in its goals to meet the needs of all students?

MAPSS goes beyond collecting and examining typical “rear view mirror” school improvement data. Further analysis is provided through the observation of teaching practices, evidence-based examination of school programs and processes, and the inclusion of stakeholder input, including students, parents, teachers and administrators through pre-visit surveys and on-site interviews.

MAPSS is for members of the District and Campus Leadership Contract. The fee is negotiable based on size of district and extent of services. If you have questions about this product please contact Ty Duncan.

Ty Duncan