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Continuous Improvement & Accountability Services consists of Title I/Accountability, Compliance, and E-grant Management, Migrant, Counselor Solutions, and Alternative Certification, as well as training for Instructional Leaders. This staff provides training and professional development, technical assistance, information dissemination and communication, certification programs for district personnel, and resources.

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Francisco Rodriguez

Coordinator for Continuous Improvement & Accountability

PN: 806-281-5890
EM: frodriguez@esc17.net

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Amanda Wallace

Education Specialist

EM: awallace@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5833

  • School Improvement
  • ESF Facilitator
  • TIL Capacity Builder
  • Instructional Continuity
  • Equity
Anne Carthel

Education Specialist

EM: acarthel@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5869

  • Alternative Certification
Veronica Carlson

Education Specialist

EM: vcarlson@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5745

  • Migrant Education Program
Misty Castro

Education Specialist

EM: mcastro@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5805

  • Appraisal
  • Eduphoria/DMAC
  • Teacher Incentive Allotment
  • Instructional Materials
  • Instructional Technology
Mary Condarco

Compliance and Accountability Team Support

EM: mcondarco@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5735

Camie Holcombe

Education Specialist

EM: cholcombe@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5808

  • Accountability, Compliance, and e-Grant Management (ACE)
  • Equity
  • ESF Facilitator
  • McKinney Vento/Homeless Liaison
  • Districts of Innovation
  • Grow Your Own Grant
Bilinda McCutcheon

Education Specialist

EM: bmccutcheon@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5875

  • Title IV, Part A Specialist
Linda Musquiz

Education Specialist

EM: lmusquiz@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5874

  • Federal Programs
  • Migrant Education
  • School Improvement
Francisco Rodriguez

Senior Specialist

EM: frodriguez@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5890

  • Accountability, Compliance, and eGrant Management (ACE)
  • ESSA
  • Migrant
  • SCE (State Compensatory Education)
  • Parent and Family Engagement (PFE)
Tori Mitchell

Education Specialist for School Improvement 

EM: tmitchell@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5863

  • Accountability
  • ESF Facilitator
  • TIL Capacity Builder
  • School Improvement
Janet Thornton

Education Specialist

PN: (806) 281-5881

  • Manager of Instructional Leaders (MIL)
  • Principals Academy/ First-Time Administrators Academy
  • School Improvement Specialist
  • Effective School Framework Facilitator (ESF)
  • Texas Instructional Leaders Capacity Builder (TIL)
Heather Blount

Education Specialist

EM: hblount@esc17.net
PN: (806) 281-5817

  • Career Technical Education Specialist (CTE)
  • ESF Facilitator
  • TIL Capacity Builder
  • School Improvement Specialist
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