Time Management System

Making Time Management Easy!

TMS is a time and effort management system designed specifically with state education in mind.

In response to compliance and the growing need of greater documentation, Region 17 Education Service Center now has a Time and Effort online electronic reporting system tool.

District administrators have the ability to use an innovative and modern system to review and report on Time and Effort, which is clearly, precisely and immediately documented electronically by a user.
1. Automatic reporting and archiving of employee: time, effort, activities and funding code usage.

2. Simplifies management and audit reports with a one-stop, organized tool for reviewing and submitting valuable, accurate time and effort data.

3. Provides the ability to monitor progress of hours spent, funding source, and activities throughout the month.
Time Management System Annual Cost Breakdown:
According to OMB Circular A-87, Time and Effort must be kept...

Where employees who work on multiple activities or cost objectives (Federal Funds), a distribution of their salaries or wages ust be supported by personnel activity reports or equivalent documentation.
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