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With over four decades of public education and software development experience, the Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) offers a comprehensive range of powerful web-based Business and Student administrative applications written specifically for Texas schools.  ASCENDER is a fully integrated solution that streamlines operational needs and simplifies reporting requirements. Additionally, ASCENDER offers a teacher portal, a parent portal, and a student portal, all mobile device compatible. An employee and career portal is also available.

ESC 17 sells and supports ASCENDER software and provides technical support to districts and charter schools. This allows districts to easily and quickly reach an experienced consultant to assist with software issues - or concerns. Districts receive support through phone, email, and remote access Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm and Fridays from 8 am to 4 pm according to the ESC 17 calendar.

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Business Helpline

Student Helpline

To assist districts in operating the software efficiently and effectively, ESC 17 offers software workshops, webinars and lab workdays for clients. ESC 17 also provides information and communication on software issues and new features as updates are made to the ASCENDER products. Services are enhanced by ASCENDER student software providing access to Student Accounting Level II Training at no additional cost.

ESC 17 staff manage software updates and backups, freeing up district technology staff time and eliminating the need to allocate district staff for those endeavors.

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Chris Vera
Coordinator, IMS
P: (806) 281-5843
E: chrisv@esc17.net
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Tracey Tanner
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E: ttanner@esc17.net 
Jodi Duncan
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Katie LeMaster
P: (806) 281-5796
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E: jcoronado@esc17.net
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Vicki Hobbs
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E: vhobbs@esc17.net
Bryan Long
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