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Creative Corner has many products and services to offer teachers, students, and the public. The staff of Creative Corner is here to help our customers with all classroom supply needs.

Yearly memberships to Creative Corner are $10, plus the cost of any products or services purchased. School district personnel and PTA members in any Region 17 school district/charter school are automatically members of Creative Corner and the yearly membership is waived.

Home schoolteachers and students, day care centers teachers and other individuals must purchase a yearly membership, plus the cost of any products or services purchased in Creative Corner.

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Maria DeLeon
Creative Corner

EM: mcdeleon@esc17.net
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Poster prices start at $10. Other poster costs are based on poster size and color content. Banner pricing based on length and color content.
We offer 38”, 27” and 18” heated lamination and 25” cold lamination. Lamination prices are based on a linear foot.
With over 1,000 die-cuts and 2 kinds of die cut machines, Creative Corner can assist with all kinds of creative needs.

A wide variety of paper products including tagboard, butcher paper and construction paper.

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