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Region 17 offers training, information, and consulting services with state funding templates, TEA funding reports, and general school finance issues. 

School funding is composed of a complex system of formulas derived from statutory and regulatory citations. All districts funding situations are unique. Each district's funding has evolved from decisions made by the district's local governing body, legislative processes, economic factors and judicial processes over many years. A critical element in proper financial management of a school district is the ability to understand the state funding system and to have reasonable and accurate projections of state revenue. 
Basic School Finance
Region 17 provides training and technical assistance to districts. Workshops focus on developing understanding of the state funding system and state revenue template completion. At school finance symposiums, Region 17 features speakers who are well known for their experience with Texas school finance. Region 17 also provides newsletters highlighting important school finance news as well as reminders of important deadlines. 
Enhanced School Finance
Region 17 prepares and reviews templates for districts as requested. The state recommends districts calculate state funding estimates using actual district data. This allows districts to have the most accurate projection of state revenue in a timely manner for decision-making. School finance services will assist the district with accurate estimates and help the district understand the financial impacts from year to year and with changes to state funding laws. 
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