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Our Region 17 Texas Lesson Study Facilitator, Heather Sherrill, will work with administration to set up scheduling. She will come to the participating campus each week at no cost to the campus or district.

She will guide the team through the following:

  • Selecting an area of focus
  • Model research based instructional practices aligned to the focus
  • Provide collaborative team time for teachers to plan the implementation of the structure
  • Support and coach the teams through the process
  • Provide a space for reflective conversations with feedback and coaching
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Using her skill set and knowledge as a service center specialist, Heather will support the team through the entire process.

Most importantly, she will help the campus sustain the lesson study work, independent of an outside facilitator.
Need Help?
Heather Sherrill
Heather Sherrill
Education Specialist, Lesson Study

P: (806) 281-5893
E: hsherrill@esc17.net
What is Lesson Study?
Lesson Study is a professional development practice in which teachers:
  • Collaborate to embed research based instructional practices

  • Reflect on instructional practices

  • Use reflections to refine their lesson
The purpose of lesson study is to improve instruction
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The TXLS Cycle...
  • TXLS teams meet weekly to complete the TXLS cycles.

  • Training and meeting schedules are tailored to fit the campus needs.

  • ESC specialists train, support, and coach LEA’s to sustain implementation (2-year implementation support funded by the grant)
Why Lesson Study?
  • Improves teacher effectiveness through self-reflective, outcome-oriented, research-based learning communities

  • Changes school culture as teachers develop a common language by collectively identifying and tackling problems.

  • Increases public awareness of the teaching profession by producing high-quality research based documents similar to those from the medical and legal professions.

The Lesson Study model is centered on improving teaching, not the teacher.

How does it compare?

Traditional PD versus Lesson Study
Does lesson study connect to T-TESS?
Snapshot of T-TESS alignment to Lesson Study
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