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Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG) is a multi-agency group comprised of public and private child-service providers that meets on a regular basis to review service needs and provide limited case management services for students who have multiple personal and family needs. These needs, which adversely affect their ability to benefit from the educational program, are best met through interagency cooperation.
The Non-Ed program provides funds for non-educational support services in the home or in the community to allow a student currently in a residential placement for educational purposes to return home or prevent a student at risk for residential placement for educational purposes from being placed residentially.
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Anna Phillips
Student Support Services

P: (806) 281-5891
E: aphillips@esc17.net
Evelyn Gilson
Support Staff
Student Support Services

P: (806) 281-5867
E: egilson@esc17.net  
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